Areas of Collections

  • Real Estate Debts
    • Post Move-out Lease Debts
    • Judgment Debts
  • Pay Day Loan Debts
  • Medical Debts
  • Commercial Debts

Expert & Effective Solutions for Debt Resolution

Judgment & Non-Judgment Collections
We Know Both

Experience Matters

A new approach to recovery is needed.  The value of understanding a debtor's ability to pay, or not to pay, makes all the difference when you are collecting money.  We provide creative payment solutions to meet the needs both the debtor and our clients.

Legal Team

A nationwide network of attorneys as well as a paralegal on staff to assist and facilitate court based collections. 

Personal & Resourceful

At Arm Professional Services, we are equipped with resources to maximize the ability to contact debtors to negotiate payment.  Our legal team resources include the ability to locate assets including employement, bank accounts and property.